Flossing: Absolutely Needed!

Posted on: February 24, 2020

Flossing Absolutely Needed!

Do you know about Flossing? Have you heard about it? Here we will let you know why flossing is an absolute need.

What Is Dental Floss?

Dental floss is a thin filament that removes food, dental plaque and debris in between teeth and gums where toothbrush can’t reach easily. It also helps in controlling bad breath and polish tooth surfaces. It is commonly recommended by dentists to prevent gingivitis and the build-up of plaque. The chance of getting gum disease decreases and the lifetime of your teeth increases if you floss your teeth daily.

There are two types of floss available: 1. Nylon (or multifilament) Floss 2. PTFE (or monofilament) Floss

Flossing After Eating

You can prevent tooth decay and gum disease with the use of floss. Side effects of Periodontal diseases can be reduced by practicing good oral hygiene which includes brushing your teeth and flossing. There is anecdotal evidence that brushing and flossing your teeth after eating makes you less tempted to snack. The floss maintains good dental hygiene and makes your mouth feel cleaner and fresh.

Advised By The Federal Government

According to American Dental Association(ADA), flossing is an essential part in taking care of your teeth and gums. It is proven that interdental cleaning helps in removing debris between the teeth that leads to plaque buildup. ADA recommends people to floss their teeth at least once a day.

Flossing And Brushing Goes Hand In Hand

It is said that flossing along with brushing is more effective than brushing it alone. Flossing before brush helps make brushing more effective. They both are like paintbrush and paint roller. You can paint your living room with just one tool but to get a more satisfactory result use them together.

Prevents Other Diseases

Tooth decay and gum disease can affect multiple organs of the body causing new diseases. The research has shown that flourishment of bacteria in an unhealthy mouth harms the rest of the body, thus leading to heart disease, diabetes and respiratory illness.

As we know that heart disease is the cause of death in the US and almost 2.5 millions are suffering from diabetes, so if periodontal disease contributes to these systemic diseases, then dental tools like floss play a major role in improving oral health.

Protection Of Gums

Flossing is mainly done in the area where the gums and teeth of the person meets. The tiny food particles get stuck here and this hardens the plaque thus resulting into tartar. The tartar buildup gradually leads to gingivitis or swollen gums ,the first stage of gum disease. This increases the necessity of Floss in oral health.

Saves Money

In this era of rising healthcare costs and diminishing insurance benefits it is your responsibility to take steps to reduce medical expenses. Education is the best medium to save costs from regular dental visits. It encourages patients to brush and floss daily.

Highly advanced procedures and professional dental tools are available but still dentists suggest a free toothbrush and a box of floss as the most effective and cost-efficient tools.

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